by Manolis Spanakis

by Manolis Spanakis

about nothing

Some objects of desire + some objects of necessity + some objects of no concern - those things that escape notice / a force majeure = some things (Lawrence Weiner).

Asterwn pantwn o kalistoV, espere
panta feron osa fainoliV eskedaV auoV
fereiV oin, fereiV aiga, fereiV api materi paida

Evening-star, best of all stars bringing all things that morning dawn scattered
You bring back the sheep, you bring the goat, you bring the child to its mother.


Dissection of the internal logic of the Intelligent design argument for the origin of species.

The 18th-century clergyman William Paley likened living things to a watch, arguing that the workings of both point to intelligent design (ID). The old argument is that complex things with a special function, like a watch or a living organism, cannot have arisen spontaneously by chance and, therefore, must have been created by an intelligent designer; the watch by a watch craftsman and life by God. The argument is repeatedly proposed as a logical proof for the existence of God and against the Darwinian theory of natural selection. Michael Behe, American biochemist, author, and intelligent design advocate, published a letter in New York Times (2005) where he rephrases the argument using the metaphor of the sculpture of Mount Rushmore: "Unintelligent physical forces like plate tectonics and erosion seem quite sufficient to account for the origin of the Rocky Mountains. Yet they are not enough to explain Mount Rushmore." The ID argument is based on the supposition that some biological systems are so complex that they can only function when all of their components are present. Such systems could not have evolved from a simpler assemblage that did not contain the full machinery. They call this complexity "irreducible complexity" (IC). In all, we can all recognize ID from its complexity and because the living organisms present irreducible complexity they could not have evolved by natural selection but must have been created by an intelligent designer; guess Who...