by Manolis Spanakis

by Manolis Spanakis

about something

Some objects of desire + some objects of necessity + some objects of no concern - those things that escape notice / a force majeure = some things (Lawrence Weiner).

Asterwn pantwn o kalistoV , espere
panta feron osa fainoliV  eskedaV  auoV 
fereiV oin, fereiV aiga, fereiV  api materi paida
Evening-star, best of all stars bringing all things that morning dawn scattered
You bring back the sheep, you bring the goat, you bring the child to its mother.
Dissection of the internal logic of the Intelligent Design argument for the origin of species.

Some intelligently designed objects have irreducible complexity,
Therefore, if an object has irreducible complexity, then, it is intelligently designed.

Some irons have two colours
Therefore, if something has two colours, then it is an iron

some objects with irreducible complexity

some irons with two or more colours

some moving irons

some irons full of irons

and something to eat